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Need Quality Concreting Done in the Echuca Region?

If you're looking for expert concreters who take pride in their work, we've got you covered!

Here at Concreting Echuca, we understand that hiring the right Concrete Contractor can sometimes feel a bit daunting. That's why we put together a list of helpful topics to guide you through the various areas you might need to consider before you hire someone for your next concrete pour. 

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Coloured Concrete Options

Due to the versatility of modern concrete mixing technics, home owners and businesses now have the option to select from a wide variety of colours. Selecting a concrete colour can radically enhance the look and feel of any area - and we can often create a unique look suited to your own individual tastes. Simply let us know you're interested in a colour and we can incorporate this into your concrete mixture. 

echuca concrete colours

Concrete Driveways 

Without a doubt, our most popular service. Concrete driveways provide a safe and convenient place to park your vehicle keeping it safe from the elements. 

Most concrete driveways require moderate landscaping & earthmoving prior to framework being put in place. In some cases, hiring a digger or small earthmoving machinery might be required. 

After framework has been put in place, a concrete pouring truck will be required at your home to begin pouring. This process normally takes early in the morning, allowing the concrete plenty of time to be shaped without the hot sun drying it out. 

exposed aggregate driveway echuca

The Importance of Correct Concrete Formwork

Concrete formwork is the structure or shape that holds wet concrete in place while it sets (or fixes) and hardens. 

Typically, most framework is reusable that is removed from the driveway/path after it has set. We typically use a combination of wood, steel, pressed wood or plastic.

Alternatively, a Super durable formwork solution will stay set up and is never taken out, like Protected Substantial Structures (ICFs). For most homes, and residential sites this type of framework is not required.

concreting framework echuca moama

Servicing the Echuca Moama Campaspe Shire Area

Here at Concreting Echuca, our team of experts are happy to provide a free quote to anywhere in the Echuca Moama Campaspe shire area. Simple click the call button above and we'll be happy to come on site. 

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Concrete Cutting 

Concrete Cutting is available if you have pre-existing concrete that needs to be removed, reshaped or repurposed. We use high quality diamond tip saws that provide an exceptional clean cut. We can also remove any old concrete if required, allowing space for new concrete to poured.  

Concrete cutting is typically done prior to any new concrete or framework being installed, and we suggest you take the time to thoroughly remove any rocks or obstructions. 

concrete cutting service echuca

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed "Agg" is one of the most popular concreting finishes, as it leaves an interesting textured design.  The process is different to pouring normal concrete, and after the concrete has set for several hours, the top layer is washed off, exposing the aggregate (gravel) in the concrete mix.

Exposed Agg is typically used in driveways, patios and other exterior areas. 

Each load of exposed Aggregate will have minor variations in the consistency of colours, textures and overall finished appearance, as the basic raw materials is subject to variations beyond our control.

Whilst every effort is made to match existing Agg work, there may be minor variations in the finished product.

exposed aggregate echuca